Alcohol Treatment

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Your Life Used to be Great, But Now It’s in Shambles – What Happened?

Have you or a loved one experienced one of the following situations?

  • Recently lost your job
  • Fighting with family more than you have in the past
  • Spending less time with family and friends and more time drinking alcohol or in other solitary activities
  • Find yourself saying and doing harmful things to other people against your own will
  • Recently arrested for driving under the influence
  • Blackout for periods of time, loosing complete parts of the day

If one or more of these situations are true in your life right now, and you drink alcohol, you may suffer from the disease known as “alcoholism.”

How do You Know You Suffer from Alcoholism?

The truth is that you don’t always know that you suffer from alcoholism until you’ve talked carefully at length with a professional counselor.  You may be someone who abuses alcohol, but does not show the pattern of an alcoholic.  The above scenarios can be symptoms of alcoholism.  In addition to those scenarios, here are seven signs you may suffer from alcoholism:

  • Neglecting activities – If you spend less time engaging in social, occupational, or recreational activities in favor of using alcohol, you may suffer from alcoholism and require alcohol rehab.
  • Excessive use – You regularly set out to have a certain number of drinks or come home at a certain time.  Instead, you find yourself drinking more than your limit and coming home much later than promised.
  • You can’t control your use – On more than one occasion, you unsuccessfully attempt to reduce or stop your consumption of alcohol entirely.
  • Drinking despite knowledge of negative consequences – Even though you know you shouldn’t drink because your spouse, your friends, and you yourself know it will cause more harm than good, you do so anyway.
  • You spend most of your time in alcohol-related activities – Much of your time is spent drinking, socializing with other people at bars, or recovering from the negative physical and psychological consequences of your drinking.
  • Tolerance – You used to drink just a few drinks to get buzzed or drunk.  Now, it takes you many more drinks, and drinks with higher alcohol volume, to experience a buzzed or drunken feeling.
  • Withdrawal – When you stop drinking for an extended period of time, you begin to feel nauseous, and experience sweating, shakiness, and anxiety.

Touchstone Ranch Equine-Assisted Alcohol Addiction Program

Alcohol Treatment - Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center

Even though you’re very familiar with swearing off drinking forever time and time again, and know hope for a better life exists.  At Touchstone Ranch, we provide you with a new take on life by having you develop a relationship with an animal that harbors no judgment or resentment towards you.  Equine therapy provides you with a soothing, fulfilling method for engaging in a positive activity that helps you let go of your alcoholism.

Through the Equine Alcohol Rehab Program we know that total recovery IS possible. We understand that addiction is a disease and not a choice. Our programs are specifically designed for men and women, 18 years and older who:

  • Are currently struggling with their addiction to alcohol
  • Have been through rehab and/or AA before but continue to struggle with long lasting sobriety
  • Or, are in need of help beyond a 30 day rehab program

Our unique approach to alcohol addiction recovery via equine therapy combined with the use of the 12 step program gives each individual a solid foundation to have a long life of peace, happiness, and lasting sobriety.

With equine therapy, you can let go of the guilt, fear, and dread that comes with alcoholism and replace it with happiness, joy, and peace.

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