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Unlike traditional drug rehabilitation centers, Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offers a unique treatment experience that includes equine therapy and truly individualized treatment for substance use disorders. Our professional, compassionate, and caring staff will go “above and beyond” for each client we serve.

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Have you or a loved one experienced one of the following situations?
  • Recently lost your job
  • Fighting with family more than you have in the past
  • Spending less time with family and friends and more time drinking alcohol or in other solitary activities
  • Find yourself saying and doing harmful things to other people against your own will
  • Recently arrested for driving under the influence
  • Blackout for periods of time, loosing complete parts of the day
If one or more of these situations are true in your life right now, and you drink alcohol, you may suffer from the disease known as “alcoholism.” Read More
The medical detoxification process at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center begins with a thorough medical and psychological assessment by licensed doctors, nurses and counselors. Our utmost priority is the safety and comfort of the individual with the availability of private rooms. We are proud to offer a high-quality, full service detoxification process utilizing the safest and most effective medical practices. The personalized treatment plan is designed to meet the unique characteristics of each client. Read More
Despite its growing prevalence, little is known about dual diagnosis conditions outside of the treatment community. Yet these individuals represent high-risk patients who will not respond as well in drug rehab programs that do not meet their specific needs. More importantly, they are also at a higher risk for suicide and other self-harming behaviors -adding additional urgency onto their treatment. The following information provides an overview of dual diagnosis and how it can best be treated in a rehab setting. Read More
Is it possible that drug and alcohol addicts are not born, but rather, created? What is the link between childhood trauma and addiction? Compelling research has revealed that the type of environment that a child has during his or her early years, programs the brain for its environment. If the environment is a stable, nurturing one, then the brain prepares the child to adapt and feel comfortable in multiple situations. When the baseline childhood environment is one of trauma, high stress or where affection was regularly withheld or lacking, it’s a different story altogether. Read More
Equine Therapy is a form of therapy in which the individual works with horses on a daily basis as a means of rebuilding responsibility and growing as a person. The combination of regular horse-related duties and the soothing nature of the animals themselves help the individual develop their mind and spirit after they have both been damaged by drug addiction. Read More
How many times have you tried and failed to kick the habbit? Does this sound familiar? Your use of drugs has bothered you for many years, and you’ve tried everything possible to quit.  You deleted all the contacts in your cell phone and even attended a few 12-step meetings.  “This is the last time,” you said after your most recent binge.  You disposed of your drugs – only to find yourself rummaging through the dumpster again just hours later. Read More
Is your life consumed by anger, fear, shame, and guilt? If it is, have you ever wondered what could be causing all of these painful emotions?  Everything around you seems great – you have a house, succeed at your job, and have a good reputation in your social circles. But something else seems wrong – you experience one or more of the following situations in your life: Read More
Our new labyrinth is 78 feet in diameter. It is a modified version of the famous stone tile labyrinth built in the early 1200s in the floor of the Chartres Cathedral located in Chartres, France. The design is comprised of 11-circuits (paths) with a 12-foot diameter center circle to accommodate group activities. It was designed and installed by William Grace Frost with a little help from the staff here at Touchstone Ranch in February 2012. It is dedicated to Touchstone’s many courageous clients who come seeking a transformed life of sobriety, serenity and spiritual renewal. Our Serenity Labyrinth contains an abundance of native rock that makes up the ‘walls’ that separate the wood mulch paths. The rock is pure carbonate sediment that formed in layers on the vast inland sea that covered this area approximately 100 million years ago. Rock is believed by some to enhance people’s sense of well-being by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting energy. The five trees within the labyrinth are ‘Pink Dawn’ Chitalpa, a cultivated hybrid of Desert Willow and Southern Catalpa. The large pink blossoms typically bloom from early spring to late fall, and the leaves provide blessed shade during our hot, dry summers. Read More

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If you or a loved one needs help with their addiction, please reach out today. Drug and alcohol dependency comes down to life and death; which will you choose?


What is Case Management?

What is Case Management?

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Good Grief – Turning a Negative Into A Positive

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Understanding Anxiety and My Experience with Addiction

Understanding Anxiety and My Experience with Addiction

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The Bucket or The Well – A Lesson In Sympathy Vs Empathy

The Bucket or The Well – A Lesson In Sympathy Vs Empathy

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