Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

A Program of Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center

How Many Times Have You Tried and Failed to Kick the Habit?

Does this sound familiar? Your drug addiction has bothered you for many years, and you’ve tried everything possible to quit.  You deleted all the contacts in your cell phone and even attended a few 12-step meetings.  “This is the last time,” you said after your most recent binge.  You disposed of your drugs – only to find yourself rummaging through the dumpster again just hours later. The places you hang out and the friends you spend time with have changed.  You used to feel happy and joyful about each new day, but now all you can think about is how you are going to get the next high. But at the same time, you know the next high will only leave you feeling empty, disappointed, lonely, guilty, and afraid.

How do You Know If You’re Addicted to Drugs?

Some, or maybe even all, of the above story may ring true for you.  In addition, other signs you may be addicted to drugs include:
  • Difficulty following through with your responsibilities at work school or home.  If your performance is suffering greatly in any or all of these areas
  • Taking risks you wouldn’t normally take.  When you’re high, you drive your vehicle, share needles with other users, or have unprotected sex with someone you don’t know.
  • Experiencing legal trouble.  Perhaps you’ve received tickets for or have been in jail for disorderly conduct, drug possession, possession with intent to deliver, or you’ve stolen to support your drug habit.
  • Relationships are experiencing more difficulty – fighting more than ever before with your partner, spouse, coworkers, and neighbors.
  • Needing more of the drug to get the high.  You’ve built up a tolerance to your drug of choice.  It takes larger quantities to experience the same high.  Or, you use drugs you’ve never used before to experience a high.
  • Doing drugs against your own will.  You know you’ve wanted to stop, but forces inside of you that you cannot control compel you to do drugs even when you don’t want to.
If any of the above situations describe your behavior, you may be suffering from drug addiction.  Drug addiction is not a choice, it is a disease. Finding the right program and treatment philosophy to help you fully recovery is key to your success.

Discover Touchstone’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program with Equine Therapy

Drug Addiction Rehab - Touchstone Ranch Recovery CenterEven though you feel trapped, alone, and afraid, do know there is hope – a way back to the happy and peaceful life you once had and will again enjoy. At Touchstone Ranch, our drug rehab program consists of forming a bond with a horse through equine therapy.  Your horse provides you with a blank slate relationship – no judgments or opinions are held against you.  Through equine therapy, you will learn how your behavior affects others, while simultaneously engaging in positive behavior that helps you get away from your drug addiction and back into a healthy, happy life. Along with equine therapy we use a holistic addiction treatment approach to rehab and recovery. Even if you do not believe in God or feel he has deserted you, forming a relationship with a Higher Power that can help you heal mind, body, and soul is key to your recovery. We fully believe that this is true, and along with other modalities we know you can conquer your addictions. We understand the struggles you and your loved ones have been facing. We have taken our own personal experiences and leading industry proven methods to develop a drug addiction recovery program that helps each individual overcome their addiction and move on to a life of pure joy and sobriety.

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