Good Grief – Turning a Negative Into A Positive

Grief is a common experience for everyone. At some point in our lives, each of us will lose a relationship very special to us. The typical stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Some people can move from denial to acceptance in a very short amount of time where others spend years going through the stages of grief. Grief can manifest in many forms: someone may feel hopeless, anxious, at blame, or angry due to the loss. Studies have shown that grief can manifest in physical forms as well with increased risk of heart trouble and stroke, sleep disturbances, increased substance use, and difficulty completing everyday tasks. (more…)

The Bucket or The Well – A Lesson In Sympathy Vs Empathy

I learned a hard lesson in my early years: not everyone is for me. Ouch!

It seems the popular belief is that all who encounter us in our hard times will understand our pain and anguish and be “in it” with us. They’ll join us in our blubbering and banter, and encourage our misery. Maybe it’s expectation. Maybe it’s what we learned to believe from loved ones who didn’t want to see us suffer. Or maybe, people just don’t know how to support us in our pain.  (more…)