What’s Involved In Equine Assisted Therapy For An Addict?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing problem. Medical personnel and health experts have come up with diverse ways such equine drug and alcohol addiction therapy to help addicts kick their habits. This type of therapy involves interactions with horses and includes activities such as grooming, haltering, feeding, leading and building a non-judgmental, trusting relationship with the horse.

Equine Therapy Tasks

Equine Assisted Therapy | Drug And Alcohol Addiction ProgramsEquine therapy methods vary from one addiction treatment facility to the next. One common technique involves giving a patient a halter that he/she would use to catch a horse. This task can be challenging depending on the patient’s perseverance, technique and temperament of the horses involved. Faced with this challenge, a participant may try different methods of snagging a horse. In some instances, it could take more than one session to place a halter over a horse’s head.

Another technique involves guiding a horse through a set of obstacles without using a halter. This could also be tricky since trying to guide a horse to move in a particular direction and give commends may not be easy, especially for someone who has never interacted with equines before. For this task, one should strive to gain the trust of the horse.

Equine Therapy Benefits And Goals

The goal of interactions between horses and people with substance abuse problems is to help them develop self-confidence, accountability, a sense of responsibility, as well as self-control. In addition, patients learn how to build relationships, acceptable social behaviors, and gain a better understanding of the implications of certain actions.

These interactions take place under the supervision of licensed psychologists and equine specialists. The reason health experts use horses is because they are social animals and their huge size and power can help substance abuse victims build self-confidence.

Who Can Benefit From Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine assisted therapy can be beneficial to a wide range of people with substance abuse problems. These include alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription drug, crystal meth and other addicts.

All in all, recovering from substance abuse is possible provided one seeks help and treatment. Equine assisted addiction rehab can help one develop social skills, problem solving skills, self-awareness, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. This type of therapy can take place as part of a residential or outpatient treatment program.

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