Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center Uses Equine Therapy to Rebuild Lives

It’s fair to say that people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are damaged. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol is looking to disconnect from reality for a time. Perhaps you or your loved one was looking for a way to deal with feeling shy, nervous, depressed, bored, insecure, afraid, angry, or hurt.

Drinking or using drugs can be a type of emotional anesthetic for dealing with difficult emotions. Over time, a person develops a physical or a psychological dependency on the substance and must keep using to avoid going into withdrawal. At this point, the addiction has truly taken hold. Breaking the cycle requires specialized addiction treatment.

equine therapy

Treatment that Builds from the Bottom Up

The equine therapy program at Touchstone Ranch helps addicts who have been living with their disease for years. The participants understand that they have been damaged by the disease of addiction. They want to start the work of making a better future for themselves.

Why work with animals? Unlike humans, horses offer clients a completely fresh start. It’s a blank canvas to work with. The horses on the ranch don’t have any preconceived notions about what the recovering addict will or won’t do, based on past experiences. These animals are simply present in the moment.

Clients spend time caring for the horses. It’s just as much a part of the therapy process as going to one-on-one counseling sessions or yoga classes. Working with the horses fills up the client’s days at the ranch and gives them a sense of purpose that likely has been missing from their relationships with others. A client can build on this success and move on to rebuild his or her relationships with friends and family members.

Addicts Learn About Responsibility

One of the things addicts get very good at is avoiding taking responsibility for their actions. Part of their disease is to deny its existence and deflect being accountable for the decisions they make.

A client involved in equine therapy rehab in Texas relearns responsibility by taking care of his or her horse. Counselors talk to clients about their experiences with the animals throughout the process and help them gain perspective about how they can apply the lessons they learn from this experience to real-life situations.

Get Help for Addiction Now

Are you interested in getting help for addiction for yourself or a loved one? Working with horses can help to restore shattered lives and build confidence. These animals don’t care what a person has done in the past; they take each client at face value.

You can start the process of getting a fresh start for you or someone you love by calling Touchstone Ranch today.

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