What Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Tragic Death Can Teach Us About Addiction

The passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by recovering addicts. Though there has been much speculation, what is clear is that Hoffman has been abstinent for many years following an addiction to heroin in his earlier years.

It’s Easy To Cast Blame Towards An Addict

What Philip Seymour Hoffman's Tragic Death Can Teach Us About Addiction

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Hoffman’s road to stardom was riddled with choice and intent. These factors, however, were not at the root of the actor’s demise. Still, it’s easy for many to cast blame towards an individual whose death stems from heroin use. How, people say, could such a talented person risk his life and career with such an awful decision? How could someone prioritize drugs over family?

Statements like these only echo years of misunderstanding surrounding addiction and recovery, and are simply off target. The fact of the matter is: Choice has nothing to do with addiction – a disease that affects the brain, and slowly takes hold of an individual.

Choosing To Seek Treatment

Once people decide to stop using, whether on their own or with the aid of a drug addiction treatment facility, the tolerance developed throughout their use history subsides. Previously acceptable doses become lethal. The compulsive nature of cocaine, alcohol and heroin use impairs their judgment and ability to moderate.

The actor completed detox in 2013 to address a prescription drug problem that escalated to mild heroin use. Hoffman reportedly only used heroin for a week’s period before realizing he needed help.

Could Relapse Happen To Me?

Hoffman’s death hits home for many of us at the Touchstone Ranch equine therapy center. The shock and sorrow of losing a gifted actor quickly gives way to more personal questions: What does this mean for me, the recovering addict? Is my sobriety easier to lose than I acknowledge? Could this happen to me?

Unfortunately, relapse is a threat we all must address at some point in recovery. Whether you’ve enjoyed years of sobriety or are currently researching rehab centers in Texas for the first time, the struggle to maintain sobriety is one we all must live with. Though an addict can be in recovery, their addiction can only be managed. One step forward… one day at a time.

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New Year Tips For Recovery And Life-Long Sobriety

With every New Year there’s new hope, new goals and aspirations…and potential. If you’re new to the recovery game, a new year may afford you the opportunity to pursue a clean slate. In this entry we will discuss how to accomplish and maintain your sobriety goals in 2014.

Tips For Sobriety In The New Year

  • Recovery for the New Year is going to take some work…. literally. If you are not currently employed, it’s time to get hunting. This is not a lecture on laziness, but a suggestion to keep you moving. A steady job can keep you busier than most any other activity; providing financial security, a sense of responsibility and pride. Maintaining employment can teach you a great deal about the world and yourself during recovery.
  • Tips For Sobriety In The New Year | Addiction Recovery TreatmentFind yourself a hobby. Sobriety in recovery is more about finding enjoyment than limiting it. A hobby outside of work can take up a good portion of time without the pressure of employment. Start a collection – books, music, comics, etc. Or try growing a garden, taking a cooking class or learning an instrument. Whatever you choose, make sure you allow yourself to enjoy it fully. Become immersed. Be free.
  • Exercise your mind. Dive into a good novel or take a class at your local community college. This is similar to a hobby, but something that will stimulate your brain on a more regular basis. Other options include word games like crosswords or writing in a daily diary.
  • Exercise your body. Exercise and recovery partner very well. While the benefits of mental stimulation are many, nothing beats the release of pain and stress provided by physical activity. Grab a membership at the local gym. Not only will this keep you healthy, but provide a positive social outlet. If you are unable to afford the cost of a gym membership, options are still available. A quick walk or jog around the neighborhood is always free. Add a few push ups and sit ups and you’ve got yourself a viable routine. Consider investing in some free weights – Goodwill and thrift stores are always a sure bet.
  • Find yourself a 12 step recovery program. Daily meetings are essential to the success of a newly recovering addict. Locate a meeting near to home or work, and commit to attending at least one per day. These programs offer participants support and camaraderie to those who need it most. Take advantage… you won’t regret it.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Touchstone Ranch is the place to turn. Pick up the phone today and let our team of recovery specialists help you back on track towards the healthy, happy lifestyle you’ve been missing. Contact us at 888-988-5128!

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Finding Direction And Hope For Sobriety During The New Year Celebrations

Finding Hope In The New Year With Addiction | Holiday SobrietyThe New Year can be a time for joy, for families to come together; they can also be a time when you struggle the most if you have been dealing with addiction. The fun, celebratory atmosphere seems to cater to the drinking that you have been trying to put behind you. They can also be a time for embarrassment because everyone else has to see what you are dealing with in a way that it was never exposed to them before. However, most of all, the new year should be a time for finding hope.

You need to use this as a chance to put things in order and take stock of where you want to be. Is your addiction holding you back from the happiness that you desire? Have you not been able to stick to the 12 steps and find sobriety, and do you want a chance to try again? Use this holiday season and this New Year as the point at which you turn your life around. Commit yourself to fighting this battle and winning it, and dedicate yourself to the cause.

Don’t Fight Addiction Alone

Of course, beating an addiction is one of the hardest things that you can do on your own, so you should think about joining a group like Alcoholics Anonymous. They can help you in many ways. For one, there are 12-step recovery programs that have proven to work in the past, rather than just trying to go cold turkey on your own. For another, they give you the support structure that helps keep you accountable to someone other than yourself so that you will not give up.

As much as the holidays and New Year are about family and friends, you may want to talk to someone that you’re close to and can trust, about your struggles. Tell them that you want to use the 12-step recovery programs and that you are trying to put your addiction behind you. Having them on your side gives you additional strength and determination so that this year can be a celebration of your positive life changes.

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How Entering Rehab Can Turn Your Life Around

If you struggle with some sort of an addiction then likely your quality of life has suffered. A person cannot live the life they want to when they are not in full control and most people who struggled with addiction in the past will attest to the fact of how entering rehab can turn your life around. Dealing with an addiction is a life-long process, there is not a magic cure that will turn your life around in an instant, but by learning how to deal with your addiction and how to control it, you’ll be able to take back control of your life.

First Step In Overcoming Addiction – Realization And Acceptance

How Entering Rehab Can Turn Your Life Around | Addiction TreatmentRealizing that you need help is the first step to overcoming your addiction, and once you have established that you have a problem, it’s time to decide what you’re going to do about it. The best form of help for someone who struggles with addiction is a rehab addiction center. Here you’ll learn how to control your disease and how to change your way of life. A rehab center will also allow a person to discuss the addiction one-on-one with a professional who is trained to provide personalized care.  You will also have the opportunity to share others who’ve experienced similar struggles in a group setting. This can be a great non-judgmental place for a person to be able to face their problems and learn to overcome them.

Experiencing Previous Addict’s Testimonials

There will be several factors which will influence your decision on a particular rehab clinic, and one thing that should help you to decide could be rehab testimonials. Rehab testimonials should be from former patients of the rehab center who had a positive experience with the treatment as well as the staff.

Benefit Of A Higher Power In Recovery

A rehab center that focuses on higher power treatment programs can also be extremely beneficial. Higher power treatment programs have been proven to be a fundamental part of many different types of successful cases, and therefore should be included in treatment. A higher power will be different for each individual, it can relate to religion, or be anything that deals with spirituality. The reason this helps many people who suffer from the disease is because it gives them hope and the relief to give up the heavy weight of addiction and sorrow they’ve been carrying.

Successful Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love needs help in order to overcome drug or alcohol addiction then contact Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center at 1-888-988-5128 today! A life free of drug or alcohol addiction will allow you to live your life with you in control and without the limits and holds of addiction.

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How To Find The Beauty In Your Recovery

Healing In Recovery | Recovery Testimonials | Drug Addiction HelpIn rehab, many times you learn the phrase “recovery one day at a time”. Has that motto become a cliché? Certainly not to those who are struggling with any form of addiction where one day can truly make a huge difference. There is a simplistic beauty in recovery. You have accepted the need to reorder your priorities. Often, this will mean stripping away all the obstacles that got you into a downward spiral in the first place. Healing in recovery also means you might have to find new friends, a new place to live and, most importantly, a new attitude towards life. It all begins with accepting addiction help that is readily available all around you.

Recovery – A Life Long Journey

The other element you will need to embrace in your recovery is that you are embarking on a life long journey. Even the best of in-patient rehab stays may not be enough when your 30 days are up. You need to keep working the program. Will you have the occasional set back? More than likely so, but that is why it is essential to build a solid support network during your initial sobriety phase. You will be amazed at the amount of strength you can gather from the recovery testimonials that will be shared in your group therapy sessions.

At first, you might be hesitant to share. Is this because you think you have nothing of value to contribute? Here is where the beauty in recovery really shines through. All recovery testimonials have power. It is a shared experience like no other that is equal parts harrowing and equal parts inspirational. Sharing brings a sort of freedom, many times only experienced in a group setting with your peers who have been through the same thing.

Acceptance And Forgiveness Of Your Addicted Past

Many folks are afraid of going through the recovery process because of the physical pains of withdrawal. Yes, that will be challenging but the real work begins once those toxins are cleansed from your body. A common theme you might start to hear in those recovery testimonials is how easy it is for a person suffering from some form of addiction to blame others. The truth of the matter is that we need to accept the choices we have made. Once that happens, you can forgive. That most important person you will need to offer that forgiveness to will be yourself. Are you ready to find the beauty in your recovery?

Benefits Of An Equine Therapy Addiction Program

The benefits of an equine therapy addiction program are well-documented, but among the general public, less is known about this alternate therapy. An equine therapy program uses horses to help promote personal growth and emotional development for people struggling with a variety of issues including those with a substance abuse addiction.

Equine Therapy – Part Of A Comprehensive Treatment Program

Benefits Of Equine Therapy Addiction Program | Equine Therapy RehabThe multiple benefits of equine therapy are becoming better recognized as more and more people are trying alternate forms of therapy programs. Equine therapy is often just a single aspect of a more comprehensive treatment program, and is often used along with behavioral or cognitive therapy and other sorts of treatment. Generally speaking, individuals in the program spend one-on-one time with a horse every day where they care for and build a trusting relationship with their horse. Other time is devoted to working with therapists, counselors, and doctors to overcome their addiction.

How equine therapy can help addicts recover depends a lot on the relationship developed between the individual and the horse he or she works with. This relationship grows as the patient tends to the horse’s basic needs, helping to feed, groom, exercise, and train them. Learning the basics in saddling a horse is another thing they work on, although many equine therapy programs do not include riding.

How Equine Therapy Helps Addict’s Emotional And Physical Issues

The use of equine therapy for drug addiction stems from animal therapy’s history with helping people with a variety of problems. Addicts become dependent on substances and equine therapy has been used to improve the conditions of patients struggling with addictions to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other substances. Horse therapy can alleviate pain, reduce blood pressure and stress, and can improve the patients’ moods.

For patients being treated for drug addiction, equine therapy can motivate them to focus on something healthy and beneficial. Their relationship with the horse can begin to replace their unhealthy fixations that helped to perpetuate their toxic drug addictions. As therapists and doctors continue to grow equine therapy programs, more and more drug-dependent people will explore the benefits of equine therapy. As they learn to keep a regular schedule and care for the animals, patients will be encouraged to examine their own actions and plans for the future. The ultimate goal of equine therapy is to allow patients to grow beyond their addiction.

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12-Step Programs Fulfill Need For Attachment, Helps Sobriety

Addiction is a very complicated disease, and it leads to a number of issues for the person affected by it. While you may immediately think of the toll that it takes on a person’s health or the potential for drug or alcohol use to lead to a run-in with the law, other consequences of a person’s addictive behavior may not be immediately apparent. One of the casualties of an addiction that may not come to mind right away is the toll it takes on personal relationships. The 12 steps of addiction recovery not only gives people a framework to stay sober, but also helps them feel connected to others as well.

12-Step Programs Fulfill Need For Attachment, Helps SobrietyWrecked Relationships In Addiction

Someone caught in the throes of addiction is likely to put his or her need to use or get high first. It will come before a relationship with a spouse or partner, child, parent, sibling, friend or coworker.

There are only so many times that the people closest to an addict will be prepared to go through by being let down by someone they care for. If an addict lies, steals, or lets down his or her closest relatives often enough, the relationship is bound to suffer. Once trust has been betrayed, it is very difficult to rebuild, and the addict may well find him or herself alone.

Rebuilding Relationships:  An Essential Part Of Treatment

When an addict goes into a drug or alcohol treatment program, he or she may feel awkward around other people. Building trust in relationships may not be a person’s strong suit, and his or her self-esteem is likely to have taken a beating, especially if the addiction was a long-standing one.

Going to counseling sessions is a good way to look at the issues that caused a person to become an addict in the first place. A supportive counselor can help someone understand his or her addiction. Attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings give participants fellowship with people who are just like them. They get to walk into a room and be with people who understand exactly where they are coming from.

Establishing connections and trust starts at the meetings and fulfills the human need to feel like there is a place where they belong. There is a reason why shunning is such an effective punishment in certain societies: singling out someone and paying no attention to them works.

New members will not be judged based on what they did while they were using. This method of recovery is focused on admitting that the participants need help and want to move forward. It forges bonds between people and takes away the isolation that may have contributed to their wanting to use drugs and alcohol initially. There may be 12 steps, but no one needs to walk them alone.

12 Step Programs Bring Healing, Joy, and Peace

Regardless of the type of addiction a person may have, a 12 Step program helps them get better.  At Touchstone Ranch, we treat individuals suffering from alcohol, street drug, and prescription drug addiction.  There are many different approaches for recovering from an addiction, but this is the method of recovery we’ve seen work the best.

Why Does The 12 Step Program Work?

The answer is simple – because it helps addicts learn how to stop depending on themselves and their own willpower to get through life.  Instead, they learn how to open up, accept help, and follow direction from sponsors.

Addicts’ Self-Will Ran Riot, Which Led Them Astray

Unfortunately, addicts learned their behavior in most cases because of seemingly insurmountable life events.  Many people in society believe they have a lack of willpower, but the opposite is true.  In fact, their willpower is incredibly strong.  In some areas of their lives, they exercised great discipline.  Some became superstars at work.  Others appeared to be the most spiritual and faithful members at their church.

12 Step Programs Bring Healing, Joy, and Peace

But in reality, self-will was running the show, and self-will took the addict into further depths of their addiction.  For most, a double-life became the new norm for living.  Apparently disciplined in some facets of their life, self-will pushed addicts to continue their destructive behavior, despite knowledge of disastrous consequences.  Feelings of anger, sadness, pain, and isolation from others pervaded their life.  Fights erupted with the spouse, children, and friends.  Others learned to do what they could to avoid any contact with the addict at all.

The Solution: The 12 Steps

The 12 steps of recovery were invented by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in 1935.  Both learned, through traumatic life consequences, that reliance on their own will only fueled their addiction even further.  Like all other addicts, they stopped hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.  The problem wasn’t stopping – it was not starting again.  No matter what method they or any modern addict used to stop engaging in their addiction, it ultimately failed.  It may have “worked” for a few days, weeks, months, or even years at a time.

But eventually, they returned to their addictive behavior and engaged in acts much more destructive than ever before.

Through repeated humiliations where addicts believe they can control or stop the addiction, they ultimately learn they can’t.  So what becomes the solution?

Reliance On A Power Higher Than Themselves

Most addicts are reluctant to admit this is necessary, even if they know their lives are falling apart, inside and out.  But, the 12 steps of addiction recovery have shown time and again that those willing to depend on the God of their understanding, a power higher than themselves, are rewarded with lives filled with happiness, joy, and peace.

Touchstone Ranch strongly believes that the 12 steps work for those who choose to work them.  Addicts’ willingness may only be a shred, but that’s enough for a Higher Power to help them get and stay sober.

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“Addiction” – a poem by Bobby

“Addiction” – a poem by Bobby

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