Summer Months Perfect Time for Equine Therapy

For clients who are trying to rebuild their lives as they go through a drug and alcohol treatment program, spending the summer performing equine assisted therapy activities can play a key role in repairing shattered self-esteem. This process is not a recreational activity and is not about going riding.

Unfortunately for people who have become caught in the web of addiction, relationships with the people closest to them have often been damaged or destroyed over months and years of substance abuse. The lies and broken promises have been too much for friends and family members to take. When the time comes that a client is ready to make a positive change, it may be too late for people in their life to have faith anymore. The equine facilitated psychotherapy process is not dependent on what humans think or remember about how a client behaved in the past. Horses will simply accept the client as they are today.

Learn New Skills with Equine Therapy

For someone who has never spent time working with a horse, equine drug addiction therapy gives a client a chance to spend time developing some new skills and moving outside of his or her comfort zone. The experience is also a project that sets the client up for success in a sober activity. The disease of addiction causes people to turn inward and be focused on themselves and their own needs, and this focus continues even at the expense of those closest to them in their life.

This type of project allows clients to rediscover the skills necessary to learn how to care for something other than themselves by going through a series of activities. Over time, the clients will rebuild their shattered self-esteem and learn to feel better about themselves.

Equine Therapy in the Summer

Health Insurance Coverage and Rehab Costs for Equine Therapy

Does health insurance cover rehab?  And will it cover equine-assisted rehab?  A number of insurance plans offer coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs. Addiction is a disease, and treatment centers work with insurance companies regularly on behalf of their clients. No one should hesitate to seek help from a facility because of concerns about being embarrassed or judged due to the nature of the illness. Since addiction can be deadly, it’s far more important to focus on finding one of the rehabs that take insurance and getting help for yourself or a loved one as quickly as possible.

At Touchstone Ranch, we accept many major insurance providers, including:

  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • AmeriHealth
  • Cigna
  • ValueOptions

You will receive a top-notch recovery experience, while at the same time minimizing your out-of-pocket costs.  If you are an addict in need of rehab, now is the time to take the steps toward repairing your life.