Ranch Work for Recovering Alcoholics: Fresh Air and a Fresh Start

One of the casualties that addiction leaves in its path is relationships with other people. If you were being really honest, you wouldn’t have to look very far to think of names of people you know who have been hurt by someone else’s drinking. Over time, the number of people in an alcoholic’s world starts to become smaller and smaller – unless you count people he or she can drink with. open field

By the time you or your loved one seeks help from a Texas rehab facility, there may have been years of incidents that included behaviors such as:

  • Denial that there was a problem
  • Promises to quit or cut down on drinking
  • Broken promises to seek treatment
  • Arguments while drunk
  • Threats and/or violence
  • Arrests due to behavior while intoxicated
  • Legal penalties/imprisonment

There are only so many times that friends and family are going to be able to accept excuses for the behaviors that accompany an addiction to alcohol. Whether you or your loved one hit bottom or the bottom was raised up through an intervention, getting help at a treatment facility is the right thing to do.

Addiction Treatment on a Private Ranch for Alcoholism

Why would addiction treatment on a private ranch be more successful than other approaches to helping people who want to learn how to live sober lives?

  • It gives clients the opportunity to rebuild self-esteem by being productive. Keeping busy by caring for the animal will help the client see him or herself in a more positive light.
  • Everyone can start working on their new, sober life from exactly where they are today.
  • Clients get to feel successful as learn how to interact with and care for the horses.
  • Part of the disease of addiction is not taking responsibility for one’s actions; caring teaches responsibility and helps clients rediscover this part of themselves.
  • The horses do not judge the clients based on anything from their past. The people involved in the treatment program have the opportunity to learn how to be trustworthy in a situation where they are not going to be rejected. This may be less stressful for a person who needs to learn how to deal with personal relationships and needs time to develop some skills in this area.

All work on the ranch is performed under supervision of trained staff. The equine therapy is part of an overall approach to treating a client for alcohol abuse. Spending time in the fresh air with an animal who has absolutely no capacity to hold grudges is an immensely freeing experience.

Would you like to find out more about how this type of alcoholism treatment works? Contact Us – We’re available on a 24/7 basis to take your call.


  1. charlotte says

    I was looking at your website to share with my alcoholic brother. I have shared the information with him **** is his name hoping he will take the step and call. He seemed interested because it is a “working ranch” I think…

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