New Year Tips For Recovery And Life-Long Sobriety

With every New Year there’s new hope, new goals and aspirations…and potential. If you’re new to the recovery game, a new year may afford you the opportunity to pursue a clean slate. In this entry we will discuss how to accomplish and maintain your sobriety goals in 2014.

Tips For Sobriety In The New Year

  • Recovery for the New Year is going to take some work…. literally. If you are not currently employed, it’s time to get hunting. This is not a lecture on laziness, but a suggestion to keep you moving. A steady job can keep you busier than most any other activity; providing financial security, a sense of responsibility and pride. Maintaining employment can teach you a great deal about the world and yourself during recovery.
  • Tips For Sobriety In The New Year | Addiction Recovery TreatmentFind yourself a hobby. Sobriety in recovery is more about finding enjoyment than limiting it. A hobby outside of work can take up a good portion of time without the pressure of employment. Start a collection – books, music, comics, etc. Or try growing a garden, taking a cooking class or learning an instrument. Whatever you choose, make sure you allow yourself to enjoy it fully. Become immersed. Be free.
  • Exercise your mind. Dive into a good novel or take a class at your local community college. This is similar to a hobby, but something that will stimulate your brain on a more regular basis. Other options include word games like crosswords or writing in a daily diary.
  • Exercise your body. Exercise and recovery partner very well. While the benefits of mental stimulation are many, nothing beats the release of pain and stress provided by physical activity. Grab a membership at the local gym. Not only will this keep you healthy, but provide a positive social outlet. If you are unable to afford the cost of a gym membership, options are still available. A quick walk or jog around the neighborhood is always free. Add a few push ups and sit ups and you’ve got yourself a viable routine. Consider investing in some free weights – Goodwill and thrift stores are always a sure bet.
  • Find yourself a 12 step recovery program. Daily meetings are essential to the success of a newly recovering addict. Locate a meeting near to home or work, and commit to attending at least one per day. These programs offer participants support and camaraderie to those who need it most. Take advantage… you won’t regret it.

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