Lean Mean Sober Machine – Exercise & Recovery

When it comes to recovery, a sensible exercise regimen can prove an instrumental part of the process. Routine exercise offers feeling of well-being, which many people attempt to experience through drug and alcohol use. In addition to the psychological benefits, physical activity serves to rebuild the body following the debilitating effects of substance abuse and withdrawal. For addicts and alcoholics, a well thought-out exercise plan can become part of a sober and healthy lifestyle instead of obsession.


Steps On Exercising During Recovery

1 – Devise an exercise plan with the help of your counselor or physician. Undernourishment and weight loss are common side effects of substance abuse. As such, it’s important to abide by a plan that caters to your current body state. Taking on too much too soon may only result in injury.

2 – Keep a journal of your exercise goals and accomplishments. Set an initial goal that is easy for you to meet, and jot it down to evaluate your progress. Your regimen may begin with something as simple as a walk around the block, a set of push ups, or a daily swim. Keep in mind that your body is still recovering from this disease, and that more ambitious goals will take time. Do not be embarrassed by your current fitness level.

3 – Don’t feel like exercising? Force it. The endorphins created during physical activity serve to increase feelings of well-being. Routine exercise will also work to promote healthy sleep cycles. Each of these will ultimately result in a more stable mental state, which will in turn encourage your sobriety. Notate your progress in the exercise journal.

4 – Set goals pertaining to duration and intensity increases within your workout. Don’t overdo it. Modesty is key here. Though you may feel up to the challenge, it is important that you break your body back into physical activity in a gradual manner to avoid overuse injuries and joint pain.

5 – Keep to your routine. End your day with a run instead of unwinding with drugs or alcohol. Making the decision to control your body is something glorious, especially following an addiction where your body was previously under the control of an exterior force.

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