How To Find The Beauty In Your Recovery

Healing In Recovery | Recovery Testimonials | Drug Addiction HelpIn rehab, many times you learn the phrase “recovery one day at a time”. Has that motto become a cliché? Certainly not to those who are struggling with any form of addiction where one day can truly make a huge difference. There is a simplistic beauty in recovery. You have accepted the need to reorder your priorities. Often, this will mean stripping away all the obstacles that got you into a downward spiral in the first place. Healing in recovery also means you might have to find new friends, a new place to live and, most importantly, a new attitude towards life. It all begins with accepting addiction help that is readily available all around you.

Recovery – A Life Long Journey

The other element you will need to embrace in your recovery is that you are embarking on a life long journey. Even the best of in-patient rehab stays may not be enough when your 30 days are up. You need to keep working the program. Will you have the occasional set back? More than likely so, but that is why it is essential to build a solid support network during your initial sobriety phase. You will be amazed at the amount of strength you can gather from the recovery testimonials that will be shared in your group therapy sessions.

At first, you might be hesitant to share. Is this because you think you have nothing of value to contribute? Here is where the beauty in recovery really shines through. All recovery testimonials have power. It is a shared experience like no other that is equal parts harrowing and equal parts inspirational. Sharing brings a sort of freedom, many times only experienced in a group setting with your peers who have been through the same thing.

Acceptance And Forgiveness Of Your Addicted Past

Many folks are afraid of going through the recovery process because of the physical pains of withdrawal. Yes, that will be challenging but the real work begins once those toxins are cleansed from your body. A common theme you might start to hear in those recovery testimonials is how easy it is for a person suffering from some form of addiction to blame others. The truth of the matter is that we need to accept the choices we have made. Once that happens, you can forgive. That most important person you will need to offer that forgiveness to will be yourself. Are you ready to find the beauty in your recovery?