Finding Direction And Hope For Sobriety During The New Year Celebrations

Finding Hope In The New Year With Addiction | Holiday SobrietyThe New Year can be a time for joy, for families to come together; they can also be a time when you struggle the most if you have been dealing with addiction. The fun, celebratory atmosphere seems to cater to the drinking that you have been trying to put behind you. They can also be a time for embarrassment because everyone else has to see what you are dealing with in a way that it was never exposed to them before. However, most of all, the new year should be a time for finding hope.

You need to use this as a chance to put things in order and take stock of where you want to be. Is your addiction holding you back from the happiness that you desire? Have you not been able to stick to the 12 steps and find sobriety, and do you want a chance to try again? Use this holiday season and this New Year as the point at which you turn your life around. Commit yourself to fighting this battle and winning it, and dedicate yourself to the cause.

Don’t Fight Addiction Alone

Of course, beating an addiction is one of the hardest things that you can do on your own, so you should think about joining a group like Alcoholics Anonymous. They can help you in many ways. For one, there are 12-step recovery programs that have proven to work in the past, rather than just trying to go cold turkey on your own. For another, they give you the support structure that helps keep you accountable to someone other than yourself so that you will not give up.

As much as the holidays and New Year are about family and friends, you may want to talk to someone that you’re close to and can trust, about your struggles. Tell them that you want to use the 12-step recovery programs and that you are trying to put your addiction behind you. Having them on your side gives you additional strength and determination so that this year can be a celebration of your positive life changes.

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