Equine Therapy for Addiction: Meeting the Special Needs of Women

Women who become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol have traditionally had a more difficult time getting the help they need than men. Even though addiction is an equal-opportunity disease that effects people from all backgrounds and economic levels, women have been hesitant to get help because they have been afraid they would lose their children or they simply didn’t have enough money.

Different Approach for Female Addicts

Today, we understand that addiction is a health issue and that people need the opportunity to get well. How is treating female addicts different from dealing with men abusing drugs or alcohol? Women tend to have a hard time forgiving themselves for their past behavior and doing whatever they had to do to feel their addiction. The depression they feel as a result can be very difficult for them to move past when they get into an inpatient program.

Specialized addiction treatment is needed to break through and help these clients realize they can let go of their past behavior. They need to be accountable for their actions and move forward into long-term sobriety.

equine therapy for women

Working with Horses Helps Addicts

How can equine therapy for addiction help? The women who come into the treatment program can work with an animal that will take them at face value and give them a clean slate. The clients are given tasks to perform and build caring, positive relationships with the horses. These highly-intelligent animals give back to their caregivers in their own way.

The bond is developed over time, and under the supervision of trained addiction counselors. The clients must be prepared to do the work and talk to the counselors about their work in caring for the animals, as well as participate in other forms of addiction treatment, such as attending AA meetings and following the 12 steps to recovery.

Get Help for Addiction Now

If you are concerned about a woman that you love who is struggling with addiction, know that help is available. She doesn’t need to be held prisoner by her disease any longer when she can visit the Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. The caring, experienced staff understand what the clients have been through and their goal is to help these women rebuild their lives by leading them through the various tasks and exercises of dealing with the horses.

It does take work to beat an addiction, but the only thing that your loved one needs to get started is the willingness to try. The Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offers a unique approach to helping addicts get well. By allowing them to work with animals who have no preconceived notions of who they are or memories of how they behaved in the past, these clients can get a fresh start. Call us now to start the process for your loved one.

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