12 Step Programs Bring Healing, Joy, and Peace

Regardless of the type of addiction a person may have, a 12 Step program helps them get better.  At Touchstone Ranch, we treat individuals suffering from alcohol, street drug, and prescription drug addiction.  There are many different approaches for recovering from an addiction, but this is the method of recovery we’ve seen work the best.

Why Does The 12 Step Program Work?

The answer is simple – because it helps addicts learn how to stop depending on themselves and their own willpower to get through life.  Instead, they learn how to open up, accept help, and follow direction from sponsors.

Addicts’ Self-Will Ran Riot, Which Led Them Astray

Unfortunately, addicts learned their behavior in most cases because of seemingly insurmountable life events.  Many people in society believe they have a lack of willpower, but the opposite is true.  In fact, their willpower is incredibly strong.  In some areas of their lives, they exercised great discipline.  Some became superstars at work.  Others appeared to be the most spiritual and faithful members at their church.

12 Step Programs Bring Healing, Joy, and Peace

But in reality, self-will was running the show, and self-will took the addict into further depths of their addiction.  For most, a double-life became the new norm for living.  Apparently disciplined in some facets of their life, self-will pushed addicts to continue their destructive behavior, despite knowledge of disastrous consequences.  Feelings of anger, sadness, pain, and isolation from others pervaded their life.  Fights erupted with the spouse, children, and friends.  Others learned to do what they could to avoid any contact with the addict at all.

The Solution: The 12 Steps

The 12 steps of recovery were invented by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in 1935.  Both learned, through traumatic life consequences, that reliance on their own will only fueled their addiction even further.  Like all other addicts, they stopped hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.  The problem wasn’t stopping – it was not starting again.  No matter what method they or any modern addict used to stop engaging in their addiction, it ultimately failed.  It may have “worked” for a few days, weeks, months, or even years at a time.

But eventually, they returned to their addictive behavior and engaged in acts much more destructive than ever before.

Through repeated humiliations where addicts believe they can control or stop the addiction, they ultimately learn they can’t.  So what becomes the solution?

Reliance On A Power Higher Than Themselves

Most addicts are reluctant to admit this is necessary, even if they know their lives are falling apart, inside and out.  But, the 12 steps of addiction recovery have shown time and again that those willing to depend on the God of their understanding, a power higher than themselves, are rewarded with lives filled with happiness, joy, and peace.

Touchstone Ranch strongly believes that the 12 steps work for those who choose to work them.  Addicts’ willingness may only be a shred, but that’s enough for a Higher Power to help them get and stay sober.

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